Vintage Nikon Ai-S Zero Optiks 10-Lens Set

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This NIKON AiS ZERO OPTIK 10 Lens Set Includes all the following focal lengths.

  • Nikon Ai-S 15mm T4.0  - Front diameter (114mm)
  • Nikon Ai-S 20mm T3.0 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Nikon Ai-S 24mm T2.2 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Nikon Ai-S 28mm T2.2 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Nikon Ai-S 35mm  T1.5 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Nikon Ai-S 50mm T1.3 - Front diameter (95mm)  
  • Nikon Ai-S 58mm T1.3 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Nikon Ai-S 85mm T1.5 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Nikon Ai-S 105mm T1.9 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Nikon Aii-S 135mm T2.1 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • Delivered in a Custom Innerspace Cases.

These 50 year plus old Vintage Nikon AiS lenses from early 1970s and 1980s perfectly engineered by Zero Optik in brand new housing designed for cinematography. 

They all have matching 95mm fronts, 330 degree focus throw, improved close-focus, matching 16-blade irises and matching focus and iris gear positions. These vintage Nikon lenses have excellent performance  and have a very smooth flattering quality to the image. They are more forgiving than modern lenses, with unique flares, beautiful bokeh, and creamy skin tones.                                            

These lenses are designed to cover Full Frame, covering  ARRI Alexa LF, RED Monstro, SONY Venice, SONY FX9, CANON C500 MKII, and all other full frame cinema, DSLR and mirrorless cameras. The lenses are natively PL mount, but the mounts were designed specifically to work with PL to EF adapters, so they will also work on any EF mount camera.