Bright Tangerine

Bright Tangerine 4 x 5.65" / 4 x 4" Filter Tray for Misfit Kick

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Add filters to your matte box with this 4 x 5.65" / 4 x 4" Filter Tray for the Bright Tangerine Misfit Kick, ARRI LMB 4x5, LMB-25, LMB-15, or LMB-5 matte box. This anodized aluminum filter tray allows you to use a 4 x 5.65" or 4 x 4" filter with the matte box.

The spring-loaded locking clasp ensures a quick and secure fit into the matte box, and it can also be swapped out for an optional Gripper Module, which makes it even easier to swap filters.


Key Features
  • For Misfit Kick or ARRI LMB Matte Box
  • Holds 4 x 5.65 and 4 x 4 Filters
  • Recessed Spring-Lock Wedge
  • Compatible with Gripper Module
  • Also Fits ARRI LMB 4x5, LMB-25,15 & 5
  • Anodized Aluminum Construction



Misfit Kick matte box
4 x 5.65" and 4 x 4" filters
ARRI LMB 4x5, LMB-25, LMB-15, and LMB-5 matte boxes