Vintage Canon FD SSC/Aspherical TLS 9-Lens Set.

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 This CANON FD SSC ASPHERICAL TLS 9-Lens Set Includes all the following focal lengths.

  • CANON EF TLS 14mm T2.8 - Front diameter (110mm)
  • CANON FD TLS 20mm T2.3 - Front diameter (110mm)
  • CANON FD-L / ASPH TLS 24mm T2.3 - Front diameter (110mm)
  • CANON FD SSC TLS 28mm T2.3 - Front diameter (110mm)
  • CANON FD SSC TLS 35mm T2.1 - Front diameter (110mm)
  • CANON FD SSC/ ASPH TLS 55mm T1.3 - Front diameter (110mm)  
  • CANON FD-L / ASPH TLS 85mm T1.3- Front diameter (110mm)
  • CANON NFD TLS 100mm T2.0- Front diameter (110mm)
  • CANON NFD TLS 135mm T2.0- Front diameter (110mm)
  • Delivered in a Custom Innerspace Case.

In creating these extraordinary Vintage Canon FD SSC ASPH lenses, we ("Cherry Picked") our donor glass from all around the world.  After carefully selecting the same era lenses & matching color, we have contracted one of the gold standard rehousing company True Lens Service to masterfully meet and exceed today's cinematic standards by incorporating 14-16 Iris blades for circular cinematic bokeh,  PL mount, .08 standard gearing, a 300 degree focus rotation, and a 110mm front lens front diameter for seamless matte box compatibility. 

Canon FD lenses were originated & brought to market in early 1970's and was produced till late 1980's, these still photography lenses are the PARENT lenses to the Legendary Vintage Canon K35 Full Frame lenses for the motion picture cinema, the only true Full Frame Vintage cinema lenses. Since the Taylor Swift music video shot with K35 by Christopher Probst, the Canon FD lenses have become the industry standard Vintage Full Frame.

Canon FD's lenses balance vintage sharpness in the center with a gentle fall off on the corners of the frame however retain soft & smooth skin tones, Low Contrast look to the image and their captivating orange flares.