Vintage Mamiya 645 TLS 7-Lens Set in LPL Mount

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 This MAMIYA 645 TLS 7 Lens Set Includes all the following focal lengths.

  • MAMIYA 645 TLS 25mm T2.8  - Front diameter (95mm)
  • MAMIYA 645 TLS 32mm T2.3 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • MAMIYA 645 TLS 39mm T2.3 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • MAMIYA 645 TLS 50mm T2.3 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • MAMIYA 645 TLS 57mm T1.6 - Front diameter (95mm)
  • MAMIYA 645 TLS 78mm T12.3 - Front diameter (95mm)  
  • MAMIYA 645 TLS 107mm T2.2- Front diameter (95mm)
  • Delivered in a Custom Innerspace Cases.

Originating from the late '80s and early '90s, these sumptuous Vintage MAMIYA 645 lenses balance sharpness, natural and creamy skin tones, and their unique colorful flares are akin to the Cooke Anamorphic Special Flares in spherical format.   

Our cherry picked MAMIYA 645 Medium Format lenses have been masterfully crafted by the experts at True Lens Service to meet and exceed today's cinematic standards by incorporating LPL mount, .08 standard gearing, a 280 degree lens rotation, and a 95mm front lens front diameter for seamless matte box compatibility. They boast an innovative integrated focal reducer, expanding their original capabilities to be one stop faster than medium format, all while maintaining their original artistic expression and field of view and  while retaining their vintage character. 

 They are perfect for any LPL mount camera or full-frame sensor like the Arri Mini LF,  Sony Venice, Red Monstro, Sony Fx9...etc.