Tiffen 4x5.65" Low Light Ultra Contrast Filter

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Tiffen 4x5.65" Low Light Ultra Contrast Filters - Bright lights or sunlight create problems when the ratio between the highlight and shadow areas is beyond the latitude of the film.

If you expose for the highlights, the shadows appear without detail. If you expose for the shadows, the result is washed-out, overly bright highlights. Contrast reduction is achieved by lightening shadows without overexposing highlights or by darkening highlights without darkening shadows further.

Tiffen Low Light Ultra Contrast filters come in grades from 1 through 4, with #4 having the greatest effect
  • Tiffen Low Light Contrast filters are more effective in dealing with contrast in lower light scenarios
  • Tiffen Ultra Contrast filters work by using the ambient light surrounding the image area as well as the light in the actual image area itself
  • They lower contrast uniformly, with little or no loss of sharpness, throughout the scene even when there are varying degrees of brightness within the image
  • Shadow areas are opened up, revealing more detail, but without any flare or halation from direct light sources or bright reflections
  • Even direct shooting into the sun produces no flare or halation