Tiffen 4 x 5.65" Black Soft FX Filter

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Responding to the demands of cinematographers, Tiffen's Black Soft/FX filters aid cinematographers in taking the edge off the image from modern digital lenses and cameras to enhance the natural beauty of talent with minimal signs of filtration. Black Soft/FX filters offer all of the benefits of the original Soft/FX filters, plus, these filters produce a continuous softening effect with increasing atmospheric haze. Additionally, these filter elements maintain a clear, overall in-focus image, offering a filmic aura to digital acquisition.

Key Features

  • 2 diffusion effects in one filter, reducing multiple surfaces and potential reflection from stacked filters
  • Gently smoothes out unwanted blemishes and wrinkles
  • Gives a silky smooth look to textured surfaces
  • Subtly softens details in the unique Soft/FX style, while adding a gentle mild glow to highlights
  • Effect of lighter grades is more subtle, with higher grades becoming gradually more noticeable