Schneider Xenon FF Prime Lens Set in Feet

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This Schneider Xenon FF Prime Lens Set include 6 lens set (18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm) with two 4 slot carrying cases.  

The Schneider Xenon FF Prime Lenses are full-frame lenses, and every lens in the set covers a full-frame image sensor without vignetting, designed for 4K image capture. The Xenon FF lenses are color-matched to a standard at the factory, minimizing color shift when changing lenses. It features a 14-blade iris, providing a natural-looking bokeh with circular, out of focus highlights, and 300° of lens barrel rotation.

The lens features a barrel with a large circumference, providing wide spacing for focus marks in feet. Opposing focus scales provide properly oriented focus marks on both sides, so an assistant can pull focus from either side of the lens. Lens gears for focus and iris allow you to use the lens with industry-standard lens accessories.

The lens features a removable lens support bracket, so you can use an available lens support if you wish. The lens is designed to allow a lens technician to swap mounts between available Sony E, Canon EF, ARRI PL, Nikon F, Sony E mounts, so you can avoid using adapters and solidly mount the lens to your camera.

The Schneider Xenon FF Lenses are available in 18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm focal lengths.  The 18mm shares the same focus and iris gear position, as well as the same 100mm front barrel diameter with the other lenses in the Xenon FF line of lenses (although the 18mm does not have a front filter thread as do the other focal lengths).

 4K/Full Frame

The lenses are designed to cover a full-sized image sensor and provide 4K resolution for image capture.

 Color Matched

The lenses are color matched to a standard ensuring consistent color across lenses. This allows you to purchase lenses, as you need, without having to search through multiple lenses trying to assemble a matched set.


The lenses share the same physical characteristics across the set, this includes the length, diameter, and focus and iris gear position. This speeds up lens changes in the field, minimizing adjustments to matte boxes and lens accessories.

 Lens Barrel Rotation

300° of lens barrel rotation provides for accurate focus adjustments throughout the range.

 Key Features

  • Covers Full-Frame Sensors
  • Supports 4K Recording Quality
  • Color-Matched
  • Shares Characteristics across FF Primes
  • 14-Blade Iris
  • 300° Lens Barrel Rotation
  • Minimized Focus Breathing
  • Standard Lens Gears
  • Removable Lens Support Bracket
  • Lens Mount is Swappable