Schneider True-Streak® Confetti Filter

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The Schneider True-Streak Confetti Filter adds a whole new level of creativity to your project by using all of the True-Streak colors in one filter.

As the name suggests, small multi-color True-Streaks are scattered randomly in the filter to create bursts of colors around the light sources.  This unusual filter produces random multi-colored bursts and streaks of varying length, thickness, and position, emanating from bright light points and highlights. The dynamic streak effects are created simply and easily in camera. 

These filters are perfect for music videos and concert footage, but we know our creative customers will find a multitude of applications for this fun and exciting filter!

Key Features

  • Optical-Grade glass construction
  • Random color elements
  • Creates random, uneven light streak effects
  • No two filters are the same
  • Random Multi-Color Streak Effect