Schneider Solid Color Filters

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Schneider Solid Color Filters change the specific color in a scene to create a desired special effect. An existing color is enhanced or the filter creates subtle color drama. It also creates more balanced exposure In uneven lighting conditions.

When your scene needs just that extra touch of emotion or clarity, Schneider solid color filters can come to the rescue. They are designed to be used in professional matte boxes. 

For both professional and amateur use, Schneider glass filters can be used with full confidence. Schneider motion picture and television filters are the result of Schneider's excellence in glass and lens manufacturing combined with the unsurpassed filter design experience of B+W engineers.

  • Schneider solid color filters feature crystal clear, water-white optical glass, protected against edge-chipping and delamination by Schneider's unique Edge Seal, which also significantly reduces edge reflections and flare
  • Schneider filters are ground and polished to a precise flatness and plane parallelism
  • Because all Schneider filters are designed and manufactured with the highest possible degree of consistency, you can swap like filters mid-shoot with no discernible variation in color or effect


Antique Suede

• Reduces greenish tint in complexion shadows
• Warm antique look


• Overall warming effect
• Portrays healthy skin tones
• Accentuates foliage

Maui Brown

• Enhances browns and golds
• Enhancing dark skin tones

Sahara Gold

• Rich, warm tint
• Old Technicolor look
• Only one strength

Sapphire Blue

• Adds indigo blue color

Storm Blue

• Adds gray green color to ocean and sky