Schneider 4 x 5.65" True-Net Filter

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The Schneider 4 x 5.65" True-Net Filter is designed to purposely create a net diffusion effect within an entire scene or image. Embedded inside this filter's glass is a colored stocking material that softens focus and reduces glare, which can be useful for creating a more flattering image of a subject or scene. The stocking material's color can help maintain a scene's existing color balance and contrast. By applying the filter instead of pulling a stocking directly over a lens, the desired net diffusion effect can be consistently and reliably obtained by eliminating the risk of overstretching or tearing the stocking material in use.

When the respective film type or white balance setting that corresponds to the primary light source is selected, those combined diffusion, contrast, and color effects can be obtained while this filter is used on a film camera system or on a digital camera system. Film cameras with black-and-white film installed or digital cameras configured to record monochromatic footage or imagery can utilize this filter's diffusion and contrast effects only.

This filter has a grade of 1. Grades of 2 or 3 are also available where this filter type's effect becomes approximately twice as strong with each grade number increase.

Schneider True-Net Beige Filters that can add a warming hue to the entire scene or image are separately available. Schneider True-Net Gray Filters that can help maintain a scene's existing color balance but with a greater reduction of contrast are also separately available.

Key Features
  • Net Diffusion with Soft-Focus Effect
  • Reduces Glare and Contrast
  • Adds colored Hue to color scene or image
  • Water White Glass Construction
  • Embedded Beige Stocking Material
  • Consistent and Repeatable Results
  • 1.41x Filter Factor, 0.50 Stop
  • Padded Pouch