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Lindsey Optics Brilliant² Rota-Grad FSND- Full Spectrum Graduated Neutral Density Filter

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Lindsey Optics Brilliant² Rota Grad Rota-Grad FSND filters are a Full Spectrum Neutral Density Filter in a geared rotating tray with Rota-Lock.

  • Fits directly into 4x5.65 matte boxes, including clip-on matte boxes
  • 138mm round graduated FSND filter installed in a geared rotating tray
  • Fast and easy alignment of the grad line on tilted horizon, mountain slope or scene element
  • Shots with high dynamic range like landscapes with blown out skies can become beautifully exposed with well-defined clouds
  • Emphasize specific areas of a scene by darkening a foreground or a corner of the shot
  • Minimized filter handling, because the grad is always in a tray
  • Geared thumb wheel with Rota-Lock

 Available in 4 densities:  ND 0.3 (1 stop), ND 0.6 (2 stops), ND 0.9 (3 stops) and ND 1.2 (4 stops) FS ND Rota-Grads attenuate the full spectrum of light including UV, visible and infrared. The filters feature both AR(Anti Reflective) and Easy Clean coatings for improved handling.