DZOFilm Linglung Parfocal Cine Lens Bundle

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Featuring two parfocal lenses of almost identical size, DZOFilm Linglung Parfocal Cine Lens Bundle offers a flexible and consistent workflow with focal lengths from a wide-angle 10mm to 70mm. Included are a 10-24mm and a 20-70mm cine lens for MFT-mount cameras. Both are parfocal lenses, designed to maintain focus throughout the zoom range. Both feature a T2.9 aperture, 12-blade iris, and minimal breathing. They have 270° focus rotation and a two-sided focus scale with imperial and metric measurements. The lenses are designed with a durable all-metal housing with an 80mm front diameter and 77mm filter thread. The focus, iris, and zoom gears are also consistently 0.8 MOD/32-pitch. Back focus adjustment of 19.2mm allows for efficient swapping between different cameras.

A parfocal cine lens, the DZOFilm Linglung Lens Series is designed to maintain focus as you zoom in or out. Although parfocal lenses can have some small focus changes, the amount is minimal and you can keep overall focus consistency throughout the zoom range.

In addition to this, these lenses has near-zero breathing, ensuring consistency in framing, and it provides rounded highlights thanks to a 12-blade iris. True to its cine design, it has a focus rotation of 270° and offers 26 focus marks along the range. Also, back focus adjustment of 19.2mm in small increments allows you to efficiently switch this lens between different MFT-mount cameras. The lens has a durable all-metal housing.

Key Features

  • Maintains focus throughout zoom range
  • Minimal breathing
  • 12-blade iris; rounded highlights
  • T2.9-T22 aperture
  • 270° focus rotation with 26 focus marks
  • 19.7" minimum focus distance
  • All-metal housing
  • Imperial focus markings
  • Back focus adjustment for use with different cameras (19.2mm adjustable by +/-0.3mm) adjustment)
  • 100° zoom rotation
  • 70° iris rotation
  • 80mm front diameter
  • 0.8 MOD