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Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 with PL Mount

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-Covers up to Super 35mm Sized Sensors

-50 to 1000/75 to 1500mm Zoom

-PL Mount

-ENG-Style Zoom, Focus, Iris Servos

-For Broadcast or Cinema Shooting Styles

-180° Focus Ring with Knurled Grip

-Double Focus Markings in Feet and Meters

-Detachable Drive Unit

-Zoom Speed: 1.5 to 180 Seconds

-Programmable Zoom, Focus, Iris Positions

-11-Blade Aperture Design

Suitable for Shoulder Mounted Camera Operation
The lens features the form factor and control layout of typical ENG lenses and is designed to be friendly for a single camera operator to control while using the camera shoulder mounted. The zoom servo is controlled by rocker with the right hand and focus and iris can be operated manually with the left hand

Immediate System Startup
The drive unit features a high-performance encoder so that the lens requires no initialization. This means the system can be used immediately without any delay waiting for it to boot up

Standard Broadcast 12-Pin Camera Interface Cable
The lens features the same 12-pin camera interface for power and serial data as found on regular Canon broadcast lenses

Flange-Back Adjustment
The flange back may be adjusted in the same manner as on broadcast lenses to simplify the transition between different camera systems with different flange focal distances

Detachable Drive Unit
The motor unit housing the servo motors and zoom rocker may be removed for cinema style shooting where full manual control is preferred

Support for Cinema Lens Accessories
The lens is compatible with a wide array of accessories common in the cine industry, including matte boxes, follow focuses, and electronic and wireless controllers. The focus ring features both a 0.8mm MOD cine standard gear ring as well as a 0.5 Canon MOD ring, the zoom features a 0.5 Canon MOD, and there is also a 0.5 MOD iris gear

Lens-to-Camera Metadata Transmission
The lens communicates directly with Cinema EOS camera through the lens interface. This allows lens metadata such as zoom setting and iris to recorded in the camera. Note that a firmware update may be required for proper communications between the lens and the camera. In addition, the lens features a standard 12-pin broadcast camera interface and can also transmit zoom, focus, and iris data to a camera or other device via this connection.

11-Blade Aperture Design
The lens features 11 aperture blades to make lens flares and orbs caused by the bokeh effect as close to round as possible. With fewer blades, it is often possible to see the geometric shape of the aperture. Additionally, using an odd number of blades helps prevent diffraction effects that can cause pin-points of light to produce an unwanted "staring" effect

Canon Fluorite Coating
Because glass lenses can never be totally free from chromatic aberration Canon applies a special coating, fluorite, which has an anomalous dispersion characteristic effectively reducing the aberration below what is possible with optical glass alone

20x Zoom Range
The lens features a 20x zoom range of 50 to 1000mm, which is very long for a lens that supports the Super35 format. A built-in 1.5x extender allows you to increase the zoom range to 75 to 1500mm while still supporting 4K resolution.

Variable Speed Servo
High speed servo-driven zoom and iris is available for critical situations such as while filming sports or fast action. Meanwhile, slower speed settings are available for more expressive work. With this variability, the zoom duration can be set to last anywhere from 1.5 to 180 seconds

Supports Virtual Image Data Output
Via three 20-pin connectors below the servo, it is possible to connect an external system to collect 16-bit virtual image data

Broadcast Lens-Style Focus Ring
In addition to servo zoom, focus, and iris, another ENG-derived feature is the knurled focus ring, which is limited to a 180° rotation

Fully Closing Iris
The iris may be closed fully for setting camera black balance or other calibration procedures

Supports Super 35mm Image Sensors
The lens provides a sufficiently large image circle to cover a Super 35mm sensor

Compatible with Lens Support
Because of the weight of the lens, it is often deemed helpful or necessary to support the lens using a 19mm rod system. This lens makes that possible by allowing you to attach a lens support

Serviceable Lens Mounts
The lens mount can be swapped between PL and Canon EF only by an authorized Canon service Facility.

Aspherical Lens Technology
Since spherical lenses refract more in the periphery than the center, it is essentially impossible for an image to be sharp across the entire frame. Aspherical lenses, on the other hand, are able to maintain much more even focusing across the image area for more uniform focusing. In addition, it means less elements are required in the lens design helping make it not only sharper but reducing the size and weight as well