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Canon 14mm Sumire Prime T3.1

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  • Ultra wide-angle 4K cine lens
  • Covers full frame & super 35 sensors
  • Nuanced image characteristics
  • T3.1 maximum aperture, 11 iris blades
  • Minimized focus breathing
  • Dual focus markings on angled surfaces
  • Same gear positions among Sumire primes

The Canon 14mm Sumire Prime T3.1 is an ultra wide-angle, manual focus prime lens that covers full frame and Super 35 sensor formats providing center-to-edge resolution that supports 4K production. It features a PL mount and has focus scales marked in feet. The Sumire lens series is designed with the goal of creating pleasing facial close-ups across all ages, genders, and ethnicities. This effect is increased as the lens approaches its widest aperture. The 14mm offers a maximum T-stop of 3.1 and has an 11-blade iris that provides round natural-looking, out-of-focus highlights for a pleasing bokeh. The lens barrel features 300° smooth rotation from close focus to infinity, giving you a high degree of precision and consistent focus.

The lens is designed to minimize focus breathing. It offers focus distance markings on both sides of the barrel with the rear markings on an angled surface, making it readable from either side of the camera. Some of the markings are done in phosphorescent paint, making them easier to see them in dim conditions. All lenses in the Sumire series share the same 114mm front barrel diameter, focus rotation, and focus and iris gear positions, allowing for easier lens swaps.